Your Morals – Part 2 – My Results

by Dave on February 5, 2011

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I am not going to make anyone wait to see what I got, so here it is.

It is obvious from this that I am much closer to a Liberal than I am to a Conservative.  I will be getting into a bit of discussion around each of the attributes, but I would like to offer a couple observations.

Although liberals score higher on the Harm and Fairness attributes, it is the lack of score on the remaining three that most differentiate the liberal score from the conservative score.

The conservative markers that liberals score low in, seem to me to be group dimensions versus the Harm and Fairness dimensions.  That is, the conservatives seem to weigh the group more than the individual.  I will analyze this more in coming posts.

Request – Is there someone out there reading this that has taken the test and scored higher on the conservative markers that we can involve in this discussion.  I am afraid that this will be terribly one sided without a conservative viewpoint.

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Sleeping with the Enemy

by admin on November 21, 2009

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I don’t know if you all do this, but lately I have found that I get my best perspectives about what I believe by listening to the ramblings of those who I put in the “against” category of our Lord’s message.  One example is that I am a believer in spiritual practices and I found this wonderful description of Lectio Divina on a site that exhorts the “dangers” of spirituality beyond their conception.  Funny, I read this article and find support for it, not evidence against.

Also, the degree of hatred out there is amazing.  I have been in the camp of thinking that the Southern Baptist Convention is pretty far off the beaten path at this point (see this Wikipedia Article) yet the the site Apprising Ministries has this article where they think the SBC is basically too liberal.  I know that some would consider me a masochist for reading this stuff, but I consider part of my call in God’s work to understand (or attempt to understand) how others think and feel about Jesus and what he was saying.

I ask God’s blessing on these people and Love that they provide me insight into a society that I have a hard time imaging.


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