What drives your life

by admin on January 11, 2010

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I came to grips with RW’s book and the following are the notes for the speech (sermon, talk, introduction?) I gave on Sunday.

For those of you who are new here, I hope that we interest you enough that you will want to hear more.  Regardless consider this service as our gift to you.  Please enjoy it.

For the next few weeks we are working with Rick Warren’s book, “What on Earth am I here for?”.  We have enough copies on the table for everyone so please take one.  Today’s service is “What drives your life?”.

So, what drives your life?  Do you know?  We are each on our own individual journey with God in our life.  Each of us are at our own place, experiencing our own unique spiritual journey.  In our service today we hope that we can help you understand something about where you are in your journey.

I think of my journey as my pursuit of the Kingdom of God here in this life.  Have you ever experienced the Kingdom of God?  One of my favorite songs is the Story of Jack and Diane.  It was written by the prophet John Couger Mellencamp.  Perhaps you remember it too.

This is a little ditty, about Jack and Diane

Two American kids growing up in the heartland

Jackie gonna be a football star

Diane, well, Diane liked Jackie.

Yada yada yada,

Then in the song it says “Oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone”.

Long after the thrill of living is gone.  If I were to break this verse from the book of Mellencamp apart, you would see that there are two parts.  The first part, is that there exists this thing called “the thrill of living”.  Do you remember the thrill of simply living?  That feeling that makes you know, that you are part of the great creation.  That you are part of the Kingdom of God.  The second part of this verse is that once that thrill is gone, life goes on.  Many of us seek to regain that which was lost.  Some, seek to gain that which they never had.

Our service today is about “what drives your life”.  I think, we all want to experience the thrill of living.  I think we all want to experience the Kingdom of God.  Perhaps you have not been able to experience this feeling.  Maybe, you are trying to find this feeling in the materialistic society that we all know.  The society that tells us that we will experience the thrill of living, the Kingdom of God by getting that next video game.  By buying that next car.  By getting that next title in our job.  Society also is bent on publicizing a sense of hyper-fear.  Instead of a thrill of living, we have a fear of a terrorist attack, an attack on our freedoms, an attack on our incomes, an attack on our way of life.  There are people in the world with other faiths, other values, other ideas.  These fears can dominate our lives and drive our lives as much as the materialistic world.  The thrill of living is not there when fear drives our life.  How can we participate in God’s Kingdom while we hate and fear “the other”.

Jesus tells us that we have to be like children again.  I think I know what he means.  I want to have the wonder that I felt as a child.  But for some of us, you may have never had the chance to experience the Kingdom of God in that way.  Maybe your family situation was not right.  Then instead of materialism, there is a sense of guilt, shame, or approval seeking that is driving your life.  “Oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone”.  But Jesus provides hope for us.  No matter what we have done Jesus is there to forgive us, accept us, support us, and love us.  He sets the example of how we can live our life.

If you realize that you have been your own worst enemy in this life then you can use Jesus example and forgive yourself and put yourself on to the path toward the awesome Kingdom of God.  If you realize that you have been holding someone else accountable for how you have lived your life, then you can forgive them and move on.  Even if it seems that they are not worthy of that forgiveness you can use Jesus radical example and forgive.

Be welcomed here.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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