Between the Times Response

by admin on December 24, 2009

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I posted a response at the Southern Baptist Convention site In Between the Times.  I think it is interesting that their title also points to some lose or ambiguity.  Here is the link to the article and my post in it’s entirety.


Whether you call the Scriptures fallible or infallible is irrelevant if you do not understand what the scriptures mean. An incorrect interpretation of an infallible document is still incorrect. The point is to understand the message of the scripture and seek to further improve this understanding. We cannot continue to confuse scriptural infallibility with our inability to understand the message.
We need to learn from history, specifically the history that was taught by our Lord and Christ. He made it very clear that those who codify a law and seek a non-living word and “unity of vision” versus a living word in our world are not up to the standard.
Jesus set the example of debating the meaning of the scriptures and interpreting them for those in the temple. We need to be doing the same thing for people in our age. If we limit the new interpretation to how people dress and what kind of music they listen to then we are shallow.
It is a common mistake for immature leaders to tend to pick people like themselves to follow in their footsteps. Immature leaders use someone who will affirm their views and not challenge their views. This leads to stagnation and lack of progress. Jesus taught against this type of thinking. We are to continue to try to look at his word in new ways in the new communities and try to learn from everyone. We need to approach the kingdom of God as a child would with wonder, and questions and a sense of discovery.

God Bless.


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