by Dave on July 5, 2010

in General

Mom, I am sorry this post is not about you.  I know you are an awesome Grandmother, but the inspiration for this one has come from Grandma.

As I was watching the PBS Newshour today, and they gave homage at the end to the soldiers that were killed in service to our country, I could not keep out of my mind the picture of my Grandma, sitting in her rocking chair looking at the TV saying “Oh, my oh my oh my.  Why can’t they have good news on TV?  Oh my, oh my oh my.”

I was a child, less than a teen, when I remember my Grandma saying those words.  And, at the time I could not understand what she was talking about.  The news, I thought, is the say as the Bad News.  Isn’t that right?  What would be news about something good?

Over the next 30 years, right up until now, I have often thought about that statement.  About how that defined her world in a way that was so different from my world.  How that statement was out of place in the world as I know it.  It is truly sad that it is not commonplace for the news programs in our society to not have good news.  Well, that is not entirely true, but imagine a day where the news programs was all good news.  What would the world have to look like for that to happen?

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