Irreducible Complexity – Arguments Against

by Dave December 6, 2011

I’ve recently stumbled across a video series that is well done and insightful in regards to dispelling the theory that certain features of life are irreducibly complex, and therefore, must have been created.  This is an argument that I just  wish that my brothers in Christ would simply give up.  The more I see illogical [...]

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Kevin DeYoung is about as Wrong as you can get

by Dave December 1, 2011

Kevin DeYoung, a Calvinist, has a post on his blog that I greatly enjoyed today.  This post and position is a great example of how two people could agree on a conclusion, but disagree on everything else.  I agree with the title of his post, but nothing else. DeYoung’s post Why We Must Be Unapologetically [...]

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Roast Beef

by Dave November 19, 2011

I have found my beef heaven.  Between my wife and children (five of us, from college to eighth grade) I am the only one still eating beef, and that is quite unfortunate since I have finally figured out how to make roast beef the way I like it.  The way I like it is to [...]

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Interim Post – The Reading List

by Dave November 12, 2011

It has been awhile since I have posted, but it has been because I have been busy and not lazy.  As far as thoughts, ideas and Christianity, I have read or am reading a couple of books. First, I cannot recommend too highly Scot McKnight’s new book, The King Jesus Gospel.  This book largely makes [...]

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Christian Smith and Biblicism

by Dave August 12, 2011

Christian Smith’s new book The Bible Made Impossible is an excellent argument for the need to go beyond the typical evangelical propositions concerning the bible.  Before people get too upset about him striking at the core of evangelical Christianity (more on that later), please note that he is also the one who coined the term [...]

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Israel – Conservative Crusader Lies

by Dave July 4, 2011

I have been fact checking postings that some of my friends make on Facebook lately since it seems that the far right has decided that they no longer need to base anything in fact.  So I thought that I would start posting some of these informal fact checks here so they are saved in a [...]

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A New Universalism – No One is Going to Heaven

by Dave May 14, 2011

With all of the worry these days about people allowing too many people into heaven, it may seem odd to consider the exact opposite.  That is, perhaps no one is going to heaven. We have been debating and considering the nature of our soul over on Scot McKnight’s blog The Jesus Creed, and one of [...]

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Rob Bell – Love Wins – Impressions

by Dave April 2, 2011

I have had awhile to live with Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins now and am starting to feel comfortable with his message and content.  I am a fan of the audio media since I drive a minimum of one hour a day and try to get 30 minutes of exercise in too.  Along with [...]

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Tom Wright – Paul for Everyone – Romans

by Dave March 26, 2011

I picked up the N.T. Wright study guide; Paul for Everyone Romans a few weeks ago in anticipation of going through this Epistle with a study group that I have attended for the better part of a year now.  I had high expectations that Tom would present his ideas in a clear and compelling way [...]

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Al Mohler Wants Hell

by Dave March 16, 2011

Anyone who knows me will attest of my preoccupation with Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Big Al is a tried and true Calvinist who feels that it is important for all of us to shun anyone who feels the primary message of Jesus is Love, and most particularly to shun the [...]

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