Israel – Conservative Crusader Lies

by Dave on July 4, 2011

in Politics

I have been fact checking postings that some of my friends make on Facebook lately since it seems that the far right has decided that they no longer need to base anything in fact.  So I thought that I would start posting some of these informal fact checks here so they are saved in a place I can access in the future, instead of just on someone else’ wall of Facebook.  So here is the first.

Israel a Sponsor of Terror

Obama Puts Israel on ‘State Supporters of Terror’ List, Then Opens Diplomatic Relations With Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This is from the site, Conservative Crusader.

Now that is some grabber for a headline, right?  But, I have the scoop on this.  This is a case of a radical group distorting facts and lying.  The radical group in this case is the Conservative Crusader.

The official “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list has the following countries on it. Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. The following countries were once on the list and have been removed. Iraq, Libya, North Korea and South Yeman.

The article implies that Obama removed North Korea from the list while putting Israel on the list, but that is simply not true. Israel has never been on the list, and it was the Bush that removed North Korea from the list.

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