Your Morals – Part 1 – Introduction

by Dave February 1, 2011

I admit that I have a difficult time understanding some people.  Its not that I cannot comprehend of them behaving as they do, but it is difficult for me to understand why they make the choices that they do.  I have been fascinated by this idea for a quite a few years, but I have [...]

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McKnight’s Blue Parakeet – Impressions

by Dave January 29, 2011

I must say that I enjoyed Scot McKnight’s book, The Blue Parakeet tremendously.  Scot is an incredibly thoughtful and down to earth scholar and author.  It is rare to find someone with whom you agree as much as I agree with Scot. Scot begins by demonstrating his concept that the Bible is Story and there [...]

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My Birthday Thanks to my Family

by Dave January 27, 2011

I had a birthday this past week and I want to give a great big hug and kiss to my wife and kids for making it a great day.  As I was driving home from work I was wondering what I would have for dinner since I have taken up cooking over the past couple [...]

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Update on Piper and McKnight, Blue Parakeet

by Dave January 12, 2011

As I said in the previous post, I started out with McKnight.  I am a big fan of Scot now and his Blue Parakeet is in keeping with my high expectation for him.  However, his book is only in printed form whereas the Piper apologetic is in audio.  So while I am halfway through with [...]

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New Material from Piper, McKnight and Wright

by Dave January 8, 2011

We all have those days when we suddenly get the urge to read and all the books out there look ripe for the picking.  A couple days ago I realized that there are two from some of my favorite people that I have not read so first, I went for Scot McKnight’s “The Blue Parakeet [...]

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Its Good to be Me

by Dave December 22, 2010

I often think I have it rough, but today was sitting in my home office when one of our horses walked into my view and made me realize its not all that bad.  It is good.

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The Lost Codex – Corinthians Edition

by Dave December 9, 2010

As you know, the name of this site comes from my assertion that the Gospel as it was taught to the first century people has been lost in the current Christian Church.  Well, as it turns out the Gospel is right in the bible here it is, 1 Corinthians15: 15:1 Now I want to make [...]

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Roger Olsen

by Dave October 28, 2010

I have been reading that blog of Roger Olsen lately and have been quite impressed.  I suggest you add him to your RSS feeds.  I have added his blog to my links at the right. Dave

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by Dave October 23, 2010

This may be shallow, unhealthy and , well, gross to some, but I love bacon.  I made 3 lbs this evening with lots of fresh ground black pepper and cooked so that it was not totally crisp all over.  Ah, bacon. I have 2 long term and 1 short term vegetarian in my house and [...]

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The Kingdom of David

by Dave October 23, 2010

On John Byron’s blog, The Biblical World, there is a video series about the kingdom of David and I thought it looked good enough to provide links to the videos here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 I have only watched Part 1 so far, but it looks quite good.  Each episode [...]

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