Going Vegan – Part 1

by Dave on March 8, 2011

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I am going to document my pursuit of the vegan lifestyle.  For those who know me and my family personally, you will immediately realize that this is a very big deal for me.  Both of my sons and my wife are now vegetarian (well, pescitarian) but I am quite the lover of meat and all things good and tasty with meat and the love of…….I digress.

If you click on the pictures you will get a higher resolution version, and I recommend doing that.

I have bought the book, The China Study which outlines the benefits of going vegan.  Dad is the one who turned me on to the book though he was not even vegetarian at the time.  Now he is giving it the practical (eat non-meat when there are no meat left overs) approach and is having success.  My kids and my wife are quite successful and their endeavor has made me feel that I should do it too.  But I LOVE meat.

I also bought The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Cooking since I need to make sure that I can cook up a good meal for the majority of folks in the house outside of me going down the vegan path.  I must admit, having the financial commitment and the books staring me in the face on my desk has made the desire increase….and become real.

Yesterday was my first try at the vegan lifestyle.  I did OK considering I made it until about 7 pm before I steamed up a pound of shrimp and ate the whole thing with my own cocktail sauce.  Is that really all that bad?  At least that is the worst I did and I consider that a rousing success!

Today I made it until 8:30 at night, at which point I got a piece of processed American Cheeze Product from the fridge and sinfully sat at my desk and enjoyed every blissfully fatted piece of that wonderful…….ah, it was OK :)

I will write some more in the future about this.  I have a lot of experience to share including an old high school buddy who has written a book on the subject, and the obvious ups and downs of meat eaters and vegans sharing a house.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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