My Birthday Thanks to my Family

by Dave on January 27, 2011

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I had a birthday this past week and I want to give a great big hug and kiss to my wife and kids for making it a great day.  As I was driving home from work I was wondering what I would have for dinner since I have taken up cooking over the past couple of years and fully expected that they would let me cook my own dinner, not out of neglect but out of love.  To my surprise they planned a Jesus dinner for me.  The felt that Jesus would eat fish, bread, perhaps cheese and wine so they had Sushi (fish), a very nice Cab (my favorite brand), a couple of unique cheeses (a cheddar and something that was dry, old, like parm, but different), and some good bread (but with butter instead of olive oil).  Ok, so maybe it was not exactly what Jesus would have had, but it is what I like to have!  Thanks Family!


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